Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry appears in California court

(Los Angeles, CA) -- Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry makes appears in a California courtroom on Friday.

Fortenberry appeared in federal court as his attorneys gave a final argument to move his trial to Nebraska. The 1st District Congressman is accused of lying to the FBI over him accepting campaign money from a foreign source in 2015.

The Congressman's lawyers argue that it would be cheaper to have the trial in Omaha since many witnesses live here and that Fortenberry needs to get the trial going since he is running for re-election. Federal prosecutors pushed back on those arguments, saying that moving the trial to Omaha would require some catch-up time for a new court, delaying the trial even more.

A motion filed by Fortenberry's attorneys to dismiss the case is also still pending. Another procedural hearing is set for next Thursday.

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