Trash, recycling collection halted Wednesday due to possible severe weather

(Omaha, NE) -- Trash and recycling collections in Omaha will be suspended at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon.

The Public Works Department says that Solid Waste collections will be suspended at 2:30, due to the forecasted inclement weather, which may cause unsafe conditions for collection. Public works says the suspension of collection is only for residential locations where garbage and recycling have not yet been serviced by Wednesday afternoon. Residents are asked to bring their carts up from the curb after 2:30 and secure them on their property to minimize any lost or damaged carts which may occur during the forecasted high winds. Residents are also advised to secure the cart lid to prevent any loose material from becoming windblown.

Collections will resume Thursday, December 16th starting with the Wednesday areas which were not completed, residents in those areas should have their carts set out by 6 AM Thursday, December 16th. FCC Environmental Services Nebraska plans on collecting Thursday’s area on Thursday and Friday’s area on Friday. Residents in these areas are asked to make sure that carts are set out by 6 AM on their day of collection to insure collection.

Any incomplete routes will be addressed the following day. Missed collections may be reported to the Solid Waste Hotline at 402-444-5238 after 7:00 PM on the scheduled collection day.

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