Former Fremont Middle School student cited for making terroristic threat

(Fremont, NE) -- Police in Fremont investigate a potential threat after a former Fremont Middle School student said he was going to bring a gun to the school.

WOWT 6 News reports that on Thursday, Fremont Public Schools said that the former student, who attends a program in the Lenihan Building on Main Street, made a “non-descript” comment during an online live chat. The district says an initial report was made by the parent of another student who said the child had shared a picture of a gun during the exchange.

According to the district's release, Fremont Police then contacted the former and their parent, determining that the child didn’t have access to a gun. Investigators say that the photo shared by the child with a friend was that of a realistic-looking toy gun. The student was cited for making a terroristic threat.

“We have worked with the police department and will have an increased presence near the Middle School and Lenihan/Main Street this morning,” the school district said in its release. Police and the district encouraged students and families to always report potential threats to school safety. “If you see something, say something. And if you know something, tell an adult."

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