Former OPS staffer facing child pornography charges

(Omaha, NE) -- A former Omaha Public Schools employee pleads not guilty to child pornography charges.

Brandon Lanza, a former Information Technology staffer at Alfonza W. Davis Middle School, is facing charges of distributing and receiving child porn. Lanza was indicted by a federal grand jury, and if convicted faces five to 20 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine. He could also face five years to a lifetime of supervised release. OPS officially ended Lanza's employment on Monday.

Court documents show that the allegations involved the use of instant messaging via Discord and Facebook, saying Lanza chatted with someone about wanting to engage in sexual activity with a specific child. That person told investigators that the communication happened under duress as they had been previously been sexually and physically assaulted by Lanza.

Lanza reportedly chatted with someone he said he once had a relationship with, and that they spoke about having a plan to engage in sexual activity with a child, including dates and a plan to engage in the activity. Lanza also reportedly sent child porn during the chat, saying that normally he would send images through the dark web. Lanza denied the accusations, saying he had been set up and that a Facebook account bearing his name was fake and had been created by an ex, the documents state. He suggested his Discord account had been hacked and admitted he is often “blackout drunk,” records state

A letter went out to school staff and families on Friday:

Dear Davis Middle Staff and Families:
Our District has learned that the Douglas County Sheriff's Department recently arrested a Davis Middle School staff member. While we do not have many details that we can share, it is our understanding that the investigation does not involve any Davis Middle School students and is not related to the staff member’s employment with the District. We will continue to cooperate with our partners in local law enforcement as the investigation continues. Given the nature of the arrest, the Administration has recommended that the Board terminate the staff member’s employment at the meeting on Monday.
We are sharing this information with you as part of our commitment to open communication with our staff and families.
Thank you for your continued support of Davis Middle School and Omaha Public Schools.
Boris Moore, principal of Davis Middle School

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