NU Board of Regents strikes down Critical Race Theory resolution

(Lincoln, NE) -- A resolution that wouldput limits on the teaching of the Critical Race Theory on University of Nebraska campuses is struck down by the Board of Regents.

On Friday, regents voted down the resolution proposed by regent and candidate for governor Jim Pillen. Pillen introduced the resolution opposing critical race theory in university curriculum. The Regents voted 5-3 against the resolution, with Pillen, Robert Schafer, and Paul Kenney voting in favor. All four student regents voted in opposition as well, but their votes are not recorded in the formal total.

Most of the regents voting against the resolution stated that it was not needed since no students, at any level, on any of the campuses, are being forced to take a CRT class.

This is how the resolution read:

WHEREAS, all campuses and facilities of the University of Nebraska system are places for open reflection, discussion, study, research, and learning; and
WHEREAS, America is the best country in the world and anyone can achieve the American Dream here; and
WHEREAS, education, free speech, and sound learning are the keys to freedom and opportunity in this country; and
WHEREAS, we oppose discrimination in any form in the classroom, on campus, and in our communities, and we support the safety and wellbeing of all students, faculty, and staff; and
WHEREAS, Critical Race Theory does not promote inclusive and honest dialogue and education on campus; and
WHEREAS, Critical Race Theory seeks to silence opposing views and disparage important American ideals.
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, that the Regents of the University of Nebraska oppose Critical Race Theory being imposed in curriculum, training, and programming

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