National Volunteer Group Helps With Omaha Storm Recovery

A volunteer organization is on the ground in the Omaha area helping elderly and disabled residents and those who can't afford it with storm clean up and damage assessment.

"Team Rubicon" is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers from around the country, stepping in to assist following disasters.

Two groups of volunteers are clearing debris from private homes in Omaha following the windstorm.

“They’re in a position while they have great devastation, they probably could not afford a lump sum to come in and pay to have all this debris removed or take it to the curb, it’s just too much for them to physically do it themselves or pay someone to do it,” "Team Rubicon" volunteer Mark Coffin told 6 News.

"Team Rubicon" Incident Commander Mike West came to Omaha from Denver with volunteers to help, and he was also in town after the 2019 floods.

(Picture from "Team Rubicon")

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