Tom Osborne: New Husker A.D. Trev Alberts "Gonna Really Work Hard At It."

Trev Alberts officially takes over as University of Nebraska Athletics Director on Monday, and his legendary football coach at N-U supports the move.

"I think you're gonna have a guy that's gonna really work hard at it, Tom Osborne told "KFAB's Morning News" on Thursday.

"And he's really going to invest his whole heart and soul in making everything work the best it can."

Osborne went on to tell hosts Jim Rose and Gary Sadlemyer micromanaging does not work.

"You don't know all the details, and so you can't come in and say ' well you need to play this guy and not that guy, you need to call this play.'"

The College Hall of Fame Coach says his College Hall of Fame former player "understands that."

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Photo: Getty Images

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