Nebraska State Patrol launches incentive program for bilingual troopers

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Nebraska State Patrol has launched a new incentive program, designed to increase the number of bilingual troopers and investigators.

The state patrol says the program provides a 2.5% salary increase to troopers who speak another language. The program applies both to current troopers and new hires. “We are proud to have a number of bilingual troopers already working across Nebraska and we’d love to increase that number,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “As a law enforcement agency, we strive to serve all Nebraskans and visitors to our state, regardless of the language they speak. Recruiting more bilingual troopers is part of that mission.”

Troopers will be able to test for fluency on dozens of commonly spoken languages, including American Sign Language, to be eligible for the bilingual incentive. NSP is currently accepting applications for the next recruiting camp, Camp 66, which is scheduled to begin in January. The 2.5% salary increase would increase their starting pay as a State Trooper to approximately $50,600 per year.

Applications for Camp 66 are available at the Nebraska State Jobs website. Interested candidates should search for the word “Trooper”. Additional information about pay, benefits, duty stations, and the hiring process is available at the Become A Trooper page of the NSP website. Applications for Camp 66 are open until July 12, 2021.

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