Omaha Fire Responds To Shooting Scene Response Time Criticism

The Omaha Fire Department says paramedics followed procedures and did everything they could at the scene of a fatal shooting July 4th at 24th and Lake Streets.

“There were hundreds of people running around the scene when paramedics arrived. They were actually delayed to the scene because of numerous people fleeing in vehicles and running across the street,” Battallion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick told 6 News.

A person working nearby questioned the time it took for the E-M-T's to treat 19-year old Jazsmine Washington, who was shot and killed.

“Scene safety is the number one priority for our paramedics and our firefighters that go to the scene. We wait until the scene is secure for the shooting,” said Fitzpatrick, referencing a longstanding procedure.

(Image from Omaha Fire Department)

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