City of Omaha set to open new full-service recycling drop off site

(Omaha, NE) -- A new full service recycling drop-off site will open next week in Omaha.

The city says Omaha residents may use the site, located in the parking lot of West Lanes just north of 72nd and Dodge, during daylight hours starting Monday, June 14th.

The city says this is Omaha's sixth full service recycling drop-off site. Full service sites accept glass bottles and jars in addition to the same recyclables that are collected curbside. Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate from the other recyclables. At the site, there will be at least two collection containers—a purple container for glass bottles and jars and a separate green container for all other recyclables.

The new location may be accessed from northbound 72nd Street, north of Dodge Street, or from the alley behind the Walgreens on 71st and Cass Street. Any material for recycling must be placed inside the appropriate container. Material left on the ground is considered illegal dumping and may result in fines and cleanup costs.

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