Omaha Police identify man killed during armed standoff

(Omaha, NE) -- Omaha Police have now identified the man who was killed during an armed standoff.

Police say shortly after 5:30 Sunday night, officers were called to a home near 41st Ave and F Street for an assault in progress. Investigators say the original 911 call indicated a white male, later identified as 34 year old Deven Telford, was inside of the home armed with a handgun, intoxicated, and shooting the gun.

Investigators say there were several people inside the house with Telford when he started shooting the gun. The people told police that Telford became very upset about some personal issues and began drinking excessively, which was not like him. OPD says it was reported that Telford began making suicidal comments while he shaved his beard and put on his old military uniform, which witnesses described as fatigues, boots and hat from his prior military service.

Police say witnesses said Telford pulled out a handgun from his waistband and repeatedly said he was going to ‘give-in’ because he was tired. They also told police that Telford shot the gun approximately 9 times while inside the house and at one point positioned the gun against his temple while crying and stating he wanted to end his life. Investigators say one of the witnesses tried to get the gun away from Telford, which led him to point the gun past the witness’ head and shoot twice. Police say the person told officers that they could feel concussions from the gunshots and that Telford was becoming more visibly agitated. Investigators say the people in the house then exited the house, with one of them calling police.

OPD says officers arrived on the scene around 5:40 and could hear shots being fired inside the house. Investigators say officers then cleared people in the immediate area to safety and set up a perimeter around the home. An Omaha Fire Department ambulance was put on stand-by in the area and a trained OPD negotiator also responded to the scene. Police say the negotiator made phone contact with Telford and attempted to de-escalate the situation. Telford used expletives to describe his life while speaking with the negotiator and made comments that he ‘was done’. Police say the negotiator continually tried to convince Telford to put his gun down and come outside peacefully.

Police say after roughly 20 minutes of correspondence, Telford entered the enclosed front porch with his handgun while an officer repeatedly gave directions over a loudspeaker to put down his firearm and raise his hands. OPD says instead of following the officer’s directions, Telford discharged his firearm multiple times before exiting the front door of the porch. Investigators say Telford was holding the firearm in his hand as officers continued to command Telford to drop the gun. Police say Telford didn't comply and witness officers described hearing an additional gunshot.

OPD says five officers fired at Telford, who was struck by the gunfire. Police say officers attempted to render initial aid to Telford until OFD medics quickly took over. Telford was pronounced dead at the scene and an unregistered 9mm H&K p30 handgun was located on the ground near him. No officers were injured during the incident.

Omaha Police say the standoff and shooting were recorded on cruiser video and officers at the scene utilized body cameras. Investigators say due to the officers' positions of cover, portions of the encounter cannot be seen on the body cameras. Detectives continue to review video, speak with witnesses, and conduct ballistics testing.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday morning. OPD says as more information becomes available it will be released. The officers who fired on Telford has been placed on administrative leave. The Nebraska State Patrol is assisting in the investigation.

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