Two Lincoln Police officers injured while arresting suspect

(Lincoln, NE) -- Two Lincoln Police officers are injured while attempting to arrest a suspect.

The Lincoln Police Department says Tuesday night, officers were called to a disturbance in progress in the 3800 block of Madison Avenue. LPD says once officers were on the scene, they made contact with 25 year old Jesse Adams who, according to neighbors, was was pounding on the door of residences and smashing a vehicle’s windshield with a shovel.

Investigators say as officers attempted to arrest Adams, he ripped his arms away from officers and disobeyed orders to stop resisting. LPD says instead, Adams started pulling an officer's hair and wrapped his arm around the officer’s neck in what police say was an attempted chokehold. Police say the officer suffered abrasions to their hand, soreness and redness to the neck and scalp, and hair pulled out at the root.

Police say another officer suffered a bruised shin in the altercation. LPD says officers tased Adams and were able to put him under arrest before being taken to the hospital for medical clearance.

LPD says during their investigation, a 21 year old victim told officers that Adams had thrown a glass jar at her and smashed her vehicle’s windshield. A 44 year old victim and a 14 year old victim reported that Adams had screamed that he was going to kill them.

Officers later located 21.5 grams of marijuana and 2.3 grams of a substance that pre-tested positive for methamphetamine on Adams. He faces two charges of Assault on a Police Officer and noe charge each of Resisting Arrest, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Disturbing the Peace, Criminal Mischief and Possession of Marijuana.

(Photo by the Lincoln Police Department)

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