Omaha Mayor Prepares For Historic Third Term

On the day after, Mayor Jean Stothert basks in the glow of a landslide re-election victory in the Tuesday Omaha General Election.

Commenting on Wednesday's "KFAB's Morning News," the Mayor said "it's certainly humbling; it's an honor; My family and I were overwhelmed by the results last night."

"We worked hard, and I hope it's a real referendum on the job that I have done with my whole team; you can't do this alone;"

Stothert said after her husband's death in March, she found it helpful after a week off to get back to work and the campaign trail. "He loved what I did, I know he did," the Mayor said. "He loved campaigning with me; he died on a Friday; we were gonna go campaigning on Sunday together."

The Mayor went on to say Joe Stothert "wanted me to win the race. that's what he wanted me to do;"

Until Tuesday, no Omaha Mayor in modern history has won three consecutive terms.

(Picture from City of Omaha)

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