Omaha City Election Results

(Omaha, NE) -- Polls have just closed in the City of Omaha, where voters are choosing 7 city councilmembers and a mayor. Current Republican mayor Jean Stothert is seeking an unprecedented third term against Democratic real estate broker RJ Neary.

Some background on tonight's race: Mayor Stothert won last month's primary with 57 percent of the vote. Neary finished in second with 16 percent.

Mayor Stothert is a former critical care nurse who served on the Millard school board for 12 years, and the Omaha City Council for 4 years. She was first elected mayor in 2013, defeating incumbent Democrat Jim Suttle.

Neary has not previously run for elected office, but he has previously served on Omaha's planning board and has been involved in the community for decades as a commercial developer. He defeated three other Democrats to win the second spot in this general election.

The city council races hold big political implications for both parties tonight. Some districts have moderate Democrats facing a strong challenge from their left, and three normally Republican strongholds face competitive challenges from Democrats as well.

Early results will be posted by the Douglas County Election Commission to their website at closing time. We'll have more updates here as the night unfolds.

Mayor of Omaha

  • Incumbent mayor Jean Stothert (R) is running against developer RJ Neary (D).
  • As of 10:45pm, Stothert leads Neary 66-33.

Omaha City Council District 1

  • Incumbent councilmember Pete Festersen (D) faces businesswoman Sarah Johnson (I).
  • As of 10:45pm, Festersen leads Johnson 62-37.

Omaha City Council District 2

  • Incumbent councilmember Ben Gray (D) faces IT professional Juanita Johnson (D).
  • As of 10:45pm, Johnson leads Gray 55-44.

Omaha City Council District 3

  • Incumbent Chris Jerram (D) is retiring. Union leader Danny Begley (D) faces nonprofit executive Cammy Watkins (I).
  • As of 10:45pm, Begley leads Watkins 54-45.

Omaha City Council District 4

  • Incumbent councilmember Vinny Palermo (D) faces neighborhood advocate Becky Barrientos-Patlan (R).
  • As of 10:45pm, Palermo leads Barrientos-Patlan 60-39.

Omaha City Council District 5

  • Incumbent councilmember Colleen Brennan (D-turned-R) lost in the primary. Lumber executive Don Rowe (R) faces architect Patrick Leahy (D).
  • As of 10:45pm, Rowe leads Leahy 54-45.

Omaha City Council District 6

  • Incumbent councilmember Brinker Harding (R) faces program designer Naomi Hattaway (D).
  • As of 10:45pm, Harding leads Hattaway 65-35.

Omaha City Council District 7

  • Incumbent councilmember Aimee Melton (R) faces school administrator Sara Kohen (D).
  • As of 10:45pm, Melton leads Kohen 53-47.

To view results, click here.

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