Douglas County plans for youth COVID-19 vaccinations expand

(Douglas County, NE) -- Following the Food and Drug Administration's approval of use of the Pfizer vaccine for kids 12 to 15 years old, the Douglas County Health Department is planning their expansion of vaccine administration.

On Tuesday, Health Director Dr. Adi Pour told the Douglas County Board of Commissioners that vaccines for the younger age group should begin later this week and early next week. Dr. Pour said she’s encouraging pediatricians with Boys Town and Children’s hospitals to assist with vaccine administrations because some families may have more trust in their personal doctors.

But like other age groups, vaccines for the younger kids will also be available at community clinics. “If a mom feels she’s pretty convinced this is the right thing to do, has no questions, she can come to our community clinics,” Dr. Pour said. “But for those who have questions, I would encourage them to go to their trusted source who is their pediatrician.”

Dr. Pour said the health department has already helped several pediatric offices sign up to become COVID-19 vaccine providers.

Over 52% of the vaccine eligible population in Douglas County has been vaccinated. The health department reports a recent decline in vaccination rates, and are continuing to encourage people to get vaccinated in order to get community herd immunity by the Fourth of July.

Starting Friday, the health department will begin testing out a new method at its clinics. “They can walk in and choose what vaccine they want: Pfizer, J&J, or Moderna. It’s the first time that we’re doing it — I’m excited to see,” Dr. Pour said. “There’s no excuse anymore for individuals not to get vaccinated.”

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