Omaha Metro Chamber Gains Momentum

To gain traction coming out of Covid, there is a big effort to bring more businesses and jobs to the Omaha Metro area.

The new campaign from the "Greater Omaha Chamber" is called "Imagine Your Potential."

The hope is to draw entrepreneurs like Richard Kessler.

“I came here on a business trip and I was actually overwhelmed by how beautiful the city was,” Kessler told 6 News.

After his visit, he was in on the launch of a start-up in Omaha.

“It feels like one of the best-kept secrets in the U.S.”

The Chamber leadership team says they are trying to rally after Covid-19 slowed economic growth.

“In a normal year we have somewhere between 15 and 18 brand new economic development prospects a month that we would be entertaining,” said David Brown, "Greater Omaha Chamber" President and CEO.

The Chamber tells 6 News over the past 16 years, one thousand companies have either expanded, moved, or started in the Omaha area accounting for over 12 billion dollars in capital.

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