Elderly, fully vaccinated Nebraska woman dies from COVID-19

(Lincoln, NE) -- An elderly Nebraska woman, who was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, dies after being hospitalized with the virus.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services says, “A woman in her 80s with underlying medical conditions developed COVID-19 and was hospitalized more than 14 days after completing a vaccination series with the Pfizer vaccine."

“We are saddened to learn of this occurrence. While no deaths occurred in vaccinated individuals in the clinical trials, we understand that no vaccine or medication is 100% effective when used by millions of people. This does not negate the importance of vaccination and all of the positive effects of vaccination. Our state is approaching 50% of the total population being fully vaccinated and we need to keep that momentum. All Nebraskans who can get vaccinated should do so as soon as possible.” - Dr. Gary Anthone, Nebraska’s chief medical officer

The state says the woman lived in the Two Rivers Public Health District, and is Nebraska's first confirmed, post-vaccination COVID-19 death. To date, 2,244 people have died from COVID-19 in Nebraska.

“Vaccine breakthrough cases occur in only a small percentage of vaccinated persons,” DHHS said.

Earlier this year, the CDC reviewed a death of a Nebraska man in his 40s who died less than two weeks after receiving his first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination. That death was investigated for potential vaccine causation but was ruled “coincidental” by the CDC in March.

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