Inmate arrested after fleeing from Omaha community correctional facility

(Omaha, NE) -- An inmate is back in custody after escaping from the Community Corrections Center – Omaha.

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services says Anthony Gonzales ran from the facility late Tuesday night, but was apprehended in Carter Lake not long after.

NDCS says just before midnight Tuesday night, Gonzales was dropped off at CCC-O by a private vehicle. Prison leaders say staff members quickly interceded when they saw Gonzales assaulting the driver. They say staffers removed Gonzales from the car and blocked his way when he tried several times to re-enter the vehicle.

Prison leaders say Gonzales then refused multiple directives to be placed in restraints, and fled the facility grounds. NDCS says a staff member administered a short burst of pepper spray from his canister to stop Gonzales, but the wind limited its effectiveness. The staff member continued to pursue Gonzales on foot, to the end of the facility’s property.

NDCS says Omaha Police officers were at CCC-O taking information from staff members, when a tamper alarm went off on the electronic monitoring device Gonzales was wearing. Police were able to use that information to track Gonzales to a hotel near Carter Lake, where he was arrested.

“Staff members acted swiftly and appropriately from the moment they witnessed the assault, and throughout the process of trying to convince Gonzales to cooperate,” said CCC-O Warden Ryan Mahr. “Once he took off, information was shared immediately with local law enforcement which allowed officers to locate Mr. Gonzales and bring the situation to a swift conclusion.”

Gonzales’ sentence started on October 9, 2018. He is serving a six to 10-year sentence on a charge of robbery out of Douglas County.

(Photo by Nebraska Department of Correctional Services)

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