Omaha Police investigating after several threats called in across the city

(Omaha, NE) -- Omaha Police are investigating after several threats are called in on Friday.

Just after 8:30 Friday morning, a threat was reported against Union Pacific, which lead to employees being evacuated and sent home from the railroad's downtown headquarters. Later Friday morning, Elkhorn Public Schools issued a statement that they had put all of their buildings into lock outs after Omaha Police notified district leaders about, "a bomb threat with shooters at several locations around the city including schools, businesses, and government buildings."

At that time, EPS said that although the threat to Elkhorn buildings was non-specific, "We are taking precautions with a lock-out at all buildings in the district."

A short time later EPS released this statement"

"After further investigation, OPD has deemed the threat not credible as having come from an out-of-state source. Following OPD guidance, EPS has lifted the lockout on all District buildings. School and activities will resume as normal."

Around noon on Friday, the Omaha Police Department tweeted that they didn't believe any of the threats to be credible, but that an investigation is underway. A statement from the department followed the tweet about an hour later.

On Friday, April 23rd 2021 at about 8:30 am the Omaha Police Department began receiving reports of suspicious phone calls threatening violent acts to various locations through the City of Omaha. The investigation determined the source of the suspicious phone calls to have originated from outside the state of Nebraska. The Omaha Police Department does not believe the threats to be credible. Please report any suspicious phone calls or activity to 911. The investigation is ongoing with the help of multiple law enforcement agencies.

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