I got to roller skate this weekend!

The meat.
The Godfather.
The mowing.
The skating.
The mustache!

Started my weekend on Friday night at Hy-Vee! The MEAT is so good! Great to talk with Jim and Ashley, managers there. I also had a short opportunity to play Reverse Trivia with the folks back at KFAB!

This may surprise you, but I have never seen The Godfather. Oh, I've seen parts. Just never sat through the whole movie. Now I can say, "seen it!" (I really tried to get through Godfather II, but too long! Next time!)

I'm sure, like most people, I got the the lawn mowed. Rex was going to do it, but I convinced him I needed the exercise. It ALMOST needed to be BALED in some places. You should have seen me do a happy dance when I got the mower started! It's the little things. lol

I finally found a place to roller skate! I spent several hours cleaning out the garage and sweeping out all the salt and sand and debris from the winter. Parked the cars in the driveway and tried it out! It's good, I think! A little rough, but the Covid lockdowns put a bunch of pounds on me, soooooo.... this may work!

Does that mustache look familiar? Found this little gem on an old game show network! The questions were hard if you weren't in 1976 when this was on air, but the prizes were so small! Alex was STILL cool.

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