I meant to post this yesterday, but .... I got busy with Rex out of town.

Rex was out of town and so I decided that I simply must do a deep dive clean on the kitchen! There is no picture of it. Next week will be better with the actual events. Reagan finally got tired of being told to get out of the kitchen.

How much of a nerd am I? I got my new purse, a dress and a pair of shorts from Amazon, but all I cared about was my new cable to hook up 2 mics in to one plug so now I can record in or OUT of the sound booth at home!

My sister moved to Arizona so I had to send her a beautiful picture of my neighbors trees.

This is going to be donated??? Wait, is that an expensive shirt?? I could not read the label so I took a picture... It wasn't.

That is a stuffed bunny, a tea towel, and a sock. Also in the background a pillow from the couch downstairs and a shoe. (The plastic thing is me not recycling it yet) The dogs were not happy with me being gone Sunday morning. I went to the Casino. I came out a head. Yay!

So, that was my weekend. Next week will be better. The pictures will match much better...... How was your weekend?

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