Sarpy County Board To Decide Treasurer's Future Tuesday

An administrative hearing to determine whether or not to remove Sarpy County Treasurer Brian Zuger from office over an investigation by the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts will start at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the Sarpy County Boardroom in Papillion.

A County spoksperson says the hearing will be held before the County Board, which by statute can remove the Treasurer if that elected person “neglects or refuses to render any account or settlement required by law” or “fails or neglects to account for any balance due the state, county, township, school district, or any other municipal subdivision.”

The statute is specific to removal of a Nebraska County Treasurer.

If the Board determines the deficiencies warrant removal under the statute, it will be required to vote on a pending resolution that removes the Treasurer effective immediately and appoints an interim County Treasurer.

If the Board decides against removal, the pending resolution will fail and no action will be taken.

In April of 2020, the State Auditor began an initial investigation of the Sarpy Treasurer’s office.

In November, an audit was released that cited significant and specific concerns about inaccurate financial reconciliations and insufficient recordkeeping.

(Emblem from Sarpy County government)

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