Omaha Company Pushes Forward In Vaccine Development

"Meridian Clinical Research" is conducting the final phase of a COVID-19 vaccine trial for "Medicago," a Canada-based company developing a plant-based vaccine.

Some researchers believe that type of vaccine has less potential to cause allergic reactions.

"Meridian" Medical Director Dr. Brandon Essink tells 6 News, “If we have something that’s really good we’ll just keep running with it, but we just don’t know; and since this is all novel to us, the best thing to do is to keep looking for something new.”

Essink adds, “In case something doesn’t work, or maybe this one works better for the variants, or if we need to make a little tweak down the road;”

The company is looking for unvaccinated Nebraskans who have not been infected by Covid to participate in a trial.

(Photo from 6 News)

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