Mayor Stothert Finishes First In Omaha Primary; RJ Neary Second

The final "run" of results for the City of Omaha Primary Election was released at 10:45 Tuesday night.

The Douglas County Election Commission will canvass the election and make it official on Friday, April 16th

Summary Results Report

2021 Primary Election

April 6, 2021


Douglas County

For Omaha Mayor

Vote For 1


Kimara Snipes 5,827

RJ Neary 11,088

Jean Stothert 42,834

Jasmine L. Harris 9,374

Mark Gudgel 3,259

Write-In Totals 93

For Omaha City Council District One

Vote For 1


Pete Festersen 6,427

Paul Anderson 691

Sarah Johnson 2,662

Tyeisha Kosmicki 1,733

Write-In Totals 38

For Omaha City Council District Two

Vote For 1


Jonathan C. Lathan 1,215

Juanita Johnson 1,244

Ben Gray 2,291

Cornelius F. Williams 188

Steven Abraham 282

David Mitchell 445

Write-In Totals 43

For Omaha City Council District Three

Vote For 1


Danny Begley 3,716

Gilbert Ayala 1,255

Cammy Watkins 3,268

Jen Bauer 1,149

Write-In Totals 32

For Omaha City Council District Four

Vote For 1


Vinny Palermo 2,638

Sarah Smolen 788

Ben Cass 770

Becky Barrientos-Patlan 1,259

Write-In Totals 21

For Omaha City Council District Five

Vote For 1


Don Rowe 2,277

Jeff Moore 1,450

Patrick Leahy 2,050

Colleen Brennan 1,449

Kathleen R. Kauth 2,097

Destiny Stark 331

Kate Gotsdiner 1,368

Write-In Totals 22

For Omaha City Council District Six

Vote For 1


Naomi Hattaway 5,189

Brinker Harding 9,159

Write-In Totals 70

For Omaha City Council District Seven

Vote For 1


Sara Kohen 5,801

Aimee Melton 6,381

Write-In Totals 24

(Images from City of Omaha)

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