Proposed names for new OPS schools announced

(Omaha, NE) -- Omaha Public Schools announced the proposed names, mascots and school colors for two new elementary schools and two new high schools.

Friday afternoon, OPS said that the four news schools' names, mascots and colors would be presented to the school board at their meeting on Monday.

The schools are:

  • Forest Station Elementary - Ft. Crook and Childs Road
    • Located near Fontenelle Forest and the word station comes from the historical feature (the train) in the neighborhood.
    • Mascot: Owls
      • Owls represent wisdom and knowledge. Owls are great thinkers that prefer to plan out their strategies instead of using force.
    • Colors: Dark Green/White/Tan
      • Dark green represents nature and growth. White is new/freshness and tan is warmth, security and stability.
  • Pine Elementary - 10th and Pine Street
    • Geographically located on Pine Street. Large evergreen trees will be preserved in the building process.
    • Mascot: Porcupine
      • Porcupines look fierce and intimidating but are very curious and gentle natured.
    • Colors: Green/White/Gray
      • Green represents nature and is symbolic of the large trees nearby that were important to the community to protect. White is new/freshness and gray is balance.
  • Westview High School - 156 & Ida Street
    • Represents the beautiful view of west Omaha and the west Omaha community.
    • Mascot: Wolverines
      • Wolverines are symbols of fearlessness and courage. They are brave, powerful, and strong. Wolverines stick together and work in groups.
    • Colors: Orange/Black/Royal Blue
      • Orange is warm and full of joy – it represents success, creativity, encouragement, and determination. Black represents power and strength. Royal Blue represents competition, tranquility, and the calmness of the sky.
  • Buena Vista High School - 60th & L Street
    • Recognizes beautiful views (good view) and adds to the identity of South Omaha and much of the student population.
    • Mascot: Bison
      • The bison is the ruler of the plains. They are pragmatic animals that are resourceful and dedicated to the pursuit of success.
    • Colors: Black/Silver/Burgundy
      • Colors represent strength, ambition, sophistication, individuality, and accomplishment. Most students have black and silver clothing so easily represented.

The schools' names, mascots and colors will be voted on by the OPS School Board at their meeting on Monday, April 5th. The schools are slated to open in late 2022.

(Photos by Omaha Public Schools, Jackson Jackson & Associates, Kenneth Hahn Architects, DLR Group, and BCDM Architects)

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