Nebraska State Treasurer reminds residents to check for unclaimed property

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Nebraska State Treasurer is reminding residents to check for any unclaimed property they may be entitled to.

Treasurer John Murante encourages Nebraskans to check the Unclaimed Property Annual Report for, "Their own names and the names of their businesses, as well as the names of family members and friends. We may have property you are entitled to, and we want to get you your money."

“While the Unclaimed Property Report is a valuable way for the public to find out about any holdings they may be unaware of, I want to encourage everyone to check out our online database at, which is constantly updated."

The report represents $23,328,134 in new unclaimed property reported in the last year valued at $50 or more. The report will also be published as a 28-page tabloid insert in 16 Nebraska newspapers, as required by State Statute, starting this weekend.

The Nebraska Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division returned $10,328,948 in unclaimed property and paid 11,406 claims in 2020.

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