Ice jam near Schuyler breaks apart, one remains near Fremont

(Undated) -- One of the major ice jams on the Platte River has broken apart, but another one still remains.

The ice jam near Schuyler, that shut down Highway 15 earlier this week, has broken up and is no longer a threat to that area. However, the National Weather Service still has flood warnings in place in south-central Dodge County and north-central Saunders County due to another ice jam. The flood warning for those areas is set to expire at noon Friday.

“Flooding has been ongoing in the area for weeks,” the NWS alert states. Thursday’s NWS alert listed specifically affected areas as State Lakes south of West Military Avenue, Lake Leba, Leisure Lake, Rainbow Lake, Lakeview Woods, Summer Haven Lake, Fremont Lake, and Cynthia Lake. The alert also noted that water remains over Big Island Road, and at the Intersection of South Ridge Road and Ridgeland Avenue.

(Photo by the Papio-Missouri River NRD)

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