Flood warning for Butler and Colfax counties extended

(Undated) -- A flood warning for parts of Butler and Colfax counties due to ice jams on the Platte River is being extended.

The National Weather Service says the flood warning for Northern Butler County and South Central Colfax County is now in place until noon on Wednesday. The weather service says an ice jam near Highway 15 south of Schuyler continues to cause flooding in the area. They say though some ice movement was reported overnight, the ice jam remains in place and that flooding continues in low lying areas and on a portion of Highway 15.

The NWS says the areas that will be most impacted are mainly rural areas of Northern Butler and South Central Colfax counties. The weather services reminds people that water levels around ice jams are notoriously unpredictable, and can change quickly with little or no warning. They say anyone near the river should pay close attention over the next few days and prepare for additional changes in water levels.

(Photo by Papio-Missouri River NRD)

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