City of Omaha announces addition of second medic unit to downtown area

(Omaha, NE) -- The Omaha Fire Department's fleet is expanding as the city moves to bring back a second medic unit in downtown.

According to Mayor Jean Stothert, Medic 2 was taken out of service ten years ago, but now the unit will be put back into service.

Downtown Omaha is currently served by Medic 1, with support from medic units stationed in northeast and southeast Omaha. The mayor's office says Medic 1 is one of the city's busiest medic units, responding to 4,334 calls last year.

Mayor Stothert says, "Development in our urban core has increased the number of people who live, work and visit downtown Omaha. With more residential and commercial development underway, we will be prepared to provide excellent emergency services to our citizens and visitors."

The mayor's office says the cost to reinstate Medic 2 will cost roughly $700,000 annually. That price tag includes equipment and personnel costs. Medic 2 will begin service in April.

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