There is a joke in my house about the BBC Network.

The joke in our house is the BBC sure does keep using the same actors for decades! It's a GOOD thing! It's fun to see them in so many different things like Jim from Friday Night Dinner.

Watching Doc Martin the Movie this weekend was a little strange. It occurred to me that Mark Heap could not possibly be that old! This was only a couple of years ago! (he's not old, just looks so different from Doc Martin.)

It wasn't, though. It was TWENTY + years ago.

When we were kids watching Happy Days in the 70's based on the 50's it felt like it was a hundred years ago! The reason is not just our young perception. either. It was the clothes, the styles, the way it was filmed...

The styles and filming techniques have not changed THAT dramatically in 20 years and that leaves us with a sense of timelessness. How could those actors look SO DIFFERENT?? Because they are.

Friday Night Dinner

Doc Martin the Movies

And if you were a fan of The Newsroom... here is a very young McKenzie.

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