Omaha Health Experts Call For The Right Play On "Super Sunday"

For "Super Sunday," the Douglas County Health Department recommends virtual parties and only watching the game in-person with those in your household.

“You wanna put out hand sanitizer if you’re having a party; You certainly don’t wanna be sharing utensils,” Department spokesperson Phil Rooney told 6 News.

Rooney adds that despite the recent progress in the state, his department is always concerned about safety.

He also warns that people planning to go out should not assume they’re protected because they may have been recently vaccinated, since there is not enough science to determine that someone who is vaccinated, can’t still spread the virus to someone else, even if they may have protected their own immune system.

“We do have some positive momentum. A lot of the things, at least in this part of the country, are going well, but don’t think a three or four hour football game is a good reason to throw that out the window,” Rooney said.

If you go to an establishment for the big game, the department says make sure social distancing and other protocols are in place.

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