State of Nebraska launches COVID-19 vaccination registration portal

(Lincoln, NE) -- A new COVID-19 vaccination registration website for Nebraska is now live.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services launched the site on Thursday. Angie Ling, Incident Commander for DHHS, said all Nebraskans can sign up, at any time, to be notified when it’s their turn to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ling said anyone who has already registered with their local health department doesn't need to re-register, but those ages 16-84 who didn't indicate a specific pre-existing health condition may re-register, in order to include that in their vaccination profile. “The system is not first-in, first-out, meaning if you sign up right not, that doesn’t mean you’re going to schedule first,” Ling said.

There will be selection criteria to prompt a notification from the state when you’re able to get vaccinated, Ling said, noting that system will allow qualifying members of households to be vaccinated together. The notifications will follow the state’s vaccine rollout plan, which enters Phase 1B next week.

Those without access to a computer are asked to seek assistance from someone they know to get registered online. Anyone else can reach out to Nebraska DHHS for assistance by calling 531-249-1873 or toll-free at 833-998-2275.

The registration is only for Nebraskans but some exceptions will be made for some employees notified by their employers that they will be vaccinated through a workplace program.

Once registered, Nebraskans will get an email notification verifying they’re in the system. DHHS advises checking in junk mail or spam folders if you don’t see it so that future notifications can get through.

According to Ling, the state's Moderna COVID-19 vaccine allocation was increased from 11,800 to 15,500 for next week, though DHHS doesn’t know whether that number will be consistent in following weeks.

You can get registered here.

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