City of Omaha declares snow emergency

(Omaha, NE) -- The City of Omaha is declaring a snow emergency.

The city says the emergency goes into effect at midnight Tuesday morning. During a snow emergency, parking will not be permitted on snow routes and the odd-even parking restrictions will be in effect for neighborhoods east of 72nd Street.

The snow emergency requires vehicles to be parked on the side of the street with even addresses by midnight, and must be moved to the odd side of the street by Wednesday. The city says vehicles in violation of the snow emergency may be ticketed and towed. The city will not issue tickets between 6:00 PM and midnight.

The city will have contractors out clearing snow in residential neighborhoods by 2:00 Monday afternoon.

The city of Omaha says due to the expected heavy snowfall, they will plow snow into the middle of some designated roads, instead of the curb, in order to give people access to sidewalks, ramps and parking meters. The city says Dodge Street east of Happy Hollow Boulevard and most downtown streets will be affected by the middle of the road plowing. Snow plowed to the middle of the street, will be cleaned up after the storm.

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