A New Bar Opens In What Was Once The "Reign Lounge" In Florence

An Omaha bar in the Florence area that was shut down after violence and complaints from neighbors and law enforcement is open again under a new name and management.

The ownership plans to turn the former "Reign Lounge" back into a classic neighborhood bar.

Shawn English tells 6 News he plans to change the signage and the reputation of the bar.

The lifelong Florence resident, who worked at "Reign", now owns the place and knows it will be a challenge to change the bar’s reputation.

“I knew coming in it was going to be harder than it would have been, says English. "Hard if we have gone to a different location, but I also wanted to prove to the neighborhood that we aren’t what the story suggests and that we can do a good business down here.”

English was also employed there when it was named "Three’s Lounge," and he has dusted off that name.

The Omaha City Council has put in stipulations in okaying the new place.

“They are kind of strict, more strict than I would probably have ever seen at any other bar," said English, "but I don’t believe we’ll have any issues abiding by those.”

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