Downtown Omaha Sign Sparks Controversy

A sign put up in front of Gulliver's World Goods sparked anger all across social media.

The sign featured a drawing of a homeless man, with the caption "don't feed the wildlife."

The sign has been removed and replaced with a sign apologizing for any offense and saying that the sign does not reflect the feelings of Gulliver's management.

The owner, who declined to give his last name in an interview with WOWT 6 News, said that he has employed homeless people and that he himself was homeless for a time.

Gulliver's put two statements out on their Facebook page, saying - "We are shocked and devastated at the extremely poor judgment choice that an employee made yesterday. This was brought to our attention this morning and we need to address this cruelty to humanity.

WE DO NOT ENDORSE OR SUPPORT THIS BEHAVIOR. Disciplinary actions have been taken and we are overwhelmingly disheartened by this severe lapse in judgment.

We are a family-based company that does not tolerate hate and strives to support local in every way we can. We apologize for the HORRIFIC message that was displayed yesterday and the employee has been terminated.

Please know that we stand with you in outrage. This action is not a reflection of our values."

"We are very still upset about what was posted in front of our stores and the signs have been removed. Actions have been taken and again, this doesn’t NOT REFLECT our values and beliefs.

The activism in our Omaha community is strong and we want to be a part of the positive conversation using this attention to shed light to the helping homeless community. If you have posted, messaged us, or shared please join us as we find ways to help our homeless population.

Our team is brainstorming the most impactful ways to implement positive change. We take full responsibility for this situation. We hope to have the opportunity to show our true character and implement positive change in Omaha.

Please send us a DM to our FB account for involvement."

(Photo by WOWT 6 News)

Gulliver's quickly issued an apology.

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