The Leader Of The Douglas County Board Outlines Goals For 2021

Veteran Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson has again been elected Chairperson of the Board for 2021.

“I’d like to thank my fellow board members for their support and confidence in me,” Borgeson said. “I look forward to a productive year on behalf of the taxpayers of Douglas County.”

In a news release, Borgeson said she has several goals for the year, including a smooth distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and continued availability of Coronavirus testing.

She also plans to make changes to the Board’s operations beginning later this month.

“I plan to implement a pre-Board meeting to increase communication about the agenda, address any concerns from Commissioners and gather additional information on agenda items if needed,” Borgeson said. “These meetings will be conducted on Monday mornings via Zoom and will be open to the news media and to the public.”

Pre-Board meeting details are still being worked out and additional information will be sent to the media and to the public once plans are finalized.

Borgeson said she will also address the County’s Strategic Plan this year to ensure it is updated and relevant to today’s issues.

Commissioner Chris Rodgers was voted Vice-Chair.

(Picture from Douglas County Government)

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