Nebraska among top states in administering COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Nebraska is ranking higher than most places across the country.

During a coronavirus update on Monday, Angie Ling with the Department of Health and Human Services provided an update on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines throughout Nebraska.

According to Ling and the DHHS vaccine dashboard, there have been 141,428 total vaccines distributed to date, 76,882 total vaccinations administered. DHHS says 38,000 of those doses were administered last week alone, while 9,840 second doses were administered. A total of .66% of the population 16 and older have been vaccinated.

This puts Nebraska as one of the top states regarding the percentage of doses used, Ling said during the press conference. Nebraska has now administered over 50% of its inventory. The national vaccine administration average is right around 30%.

A website for those looking to register for the vaccine will be available in late-January. According to the DHHS, the website will allow for a resident to input basic information such as name, birth date, occupation, contact information, and a few health questions in order to find out when their phase is. If it’s your phases’ turn, you will be able to register for a vaccine through the site or be able to register through select providers.

If it’s not your phases’ turn, you will be placed on a waitlist. Once it’s time for your phase to be vaccinated, scheduling information will be sent to you, according to the DHHS. Information on a second dose will be sent the same way.

Ling also touched on vaccine distribution for some rural areas.

According to Ling, the process may be slightly different in order to avoid wasting doses. Instead of phase 1A receiving the vaccination in sections, an entire 1A rural population may be vaccinated at once. The DHHS believes this will allow for optimal administration in some rural areas. Over 70 National Guard members will also be helping with vaccinations.

More information regarding the vaccine process is available at 402-555-6645 or toll-free at 833-988-2275. An additional number will be provided in place of the website for those without internet access.

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