Omaha Police Hope For Compliance Before Traffic Operation Begins

Police will warn Omahans if their cars have been parked on city streets for 48 hours or more.

“Yes on the dead storage, it’s a yellow sticker and will go on the driver’s window and note that we’ve documented it’s been stationary for 48 hours, and needs to move,” Police Lt. Charles Ott told 6 News.

They hope early warning works, and people comply by moving the vehicles in question, so towing them will not be necessary.

The "tow-sweep" operation is in response to a high number of complaints police receive about abandoned, unlicensed, and unregistered vehicles sitting on streets for long periods of time.

Police say they will also be on the lookout for broken down vehicles parked in yards.

They will issue a notice describing the violation and give the owner ten days to comply.

After that, police could get a search warrant to go on the property and have the vehicle towed away.

(Image from City Of Omaha)

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