Nebraska leaders condemn protesters’ breach of U.S. Capitol

Nebraska leaders are condemning the violence taking place at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday after protesters stormed the federal building.

Bacon was at the Capitol building in D.C. when the breach was made. He has been taken to a safe location.

Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith issued the following statement in response to the events at the Capitol.

"As Americans, we believe the rule of law and protection of civil liberties differentiate our nation as the greatest on earth. While many protestors are exercising their constitutional right to be heard peacefully, I urge all protestors to do so and to follow the directions of law enforcement. We are working to ensure concerns about the conduct of the presidential election in several states are heard through the existing legal process, and illegal disruptions of this process are unacceptable and not constructive."

Congressman Smith is confirmed to be safe, at the Capitol.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson issued the following statement:

"Today’s violent assault on our US Capitol is an afront to the principles of our Constitution. We are a nation of laws that are designed to maintain order and protect our freedoms. These freedoms include the right to peacefully protest, but lawlessness by any individual or organization cannot be tolerated. We as a people are better than this. We must live up to the greatness of this nation and not submit to lawless impulses."

Mayor Jean Stothert's statement:

“The rioting today at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. strikes at the very heart of the American ideals we all cherish.  These shameful actions jeopardize our nation’s most important foundations of self-rule, freedom, democracy, and lawful conduct. The lawlessness and those involved should be condemned by all Americans. I am also angry and heartbroken that people around the world will view our nation with contempt as a result. America is better, much better, than this. As our country turns to new leadership in Washington, I hope and pray that political division recedes, and a more cooperative spirit can lift up our great country.”

(Photo by WOWT 6 News)

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