Omaha Police to conduct tow sweep operation

The Omaha Police Department will conduct a tow sweep operation next week.

OPD says starting Monday, January 11th, officers will be looking for unlicensed, unregistered vehicles, and dead storage vehicles (vehicles not moving after being parked on the street for over 48 hours). Police say unlicensed vehicles parked on city streets, that do not have valid dealership in-transit stickers displayed, are subject to being towed immediately. Vehicles found to be dead storage are also subject to being towed. Vehicles parked in prohibited places, such as on or blocking a sidewalk, could be ticketed or towed.

OPD says officers have been, and will continue to target vehicles or vehicle parts stored on private property that are in violation of city code such as not being parked on a paved surface, or not in proper working order. Police say in these instances, officers will leave a "Notice of Nuisance" at the residence advising that the violation needs to be handled within 10 days. Vehicles on private property that are deemed to cause imminent danger to public health or safety, such as being on jacks, could be immediately towed.

Omaha Police say this notice is being provided in order to give vehicle owners the opportunity to come in compliance with city ordinances regarding the registration of vehicles and potentially prevent their vehicle from being towed.

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