Man arrested for child enticement, police believe there are more victims

Omaha Police say they believe a man who was arrested for child enticement earlier this year, could have other victims.

OPD says on Thursday, September 24th, Omaha Police officers were called out for a report of child enticement involving a 13 year old girl. Police say investigators learned the girl was communicating with 20 year old, Kevin Burkhardt. Police say detectives learned that Burkhardt had made arrangements through a social media platform to meet with the girl at a coordinated location.

Investigators say when Burkhardt arrived at the location, he was met by a parent. The parent then contacted the Omaha Police Department, and Burkhardt was arrested for Child Enticement.

Omaha Police believe that Burkhardt may have used the same tactic to entice other children. OPD encourages parents to talk with their children about the dangers of engaging with strangers on social media and to contact police if they believe their child has fallen prey to enticement.

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