Women allege inappropriate behavior by former Boys Town teacher

Three young women say a house parent at Boys Town was fired for alleged inappropriate behavior.

The women spoke with 6 News to share why they are coming forward now. The women say four years ago, a male house parent at Boys Town, known as a family teacher, allegedly offered a 16-year-old female what he called a special hug. “I remember being in his office by myself and he turned me around and gave me a hug and he had his penis up against my butt,” one of the former Boys Town residents tells 6 News.

A year later in 2017, the same family teacher gave a different teen a hug. “And he had one hand over my breast, and he pushed himself into me, like his genital area into my butt,” another former resident said.

By phone, a third alleged victim described the family teacher’s hug in 2018. “He just went down my back and he grabbed my butt.”

The three young women took their allegations to Boys Town officials after leaving Boys Town, roughly two to four years after the inappropriate touching.

“I was only 16 at the time and I didn’t think anything of it so I didn’t tell anybody,” said the former resident.

“I was so scared because I didn’t want to ruin my family that I had created in that home in that safety net I had felt,” said the other.

A Boys Town spokesperson sent an email to 6 News that says, “We take swift aggressive action when we become aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct.”

The statement reads, “We immediately terminated the individual and notified law enforcement. We are devastated when a child entrusted in our care might have been taken advantage of and will work with law enforcement to ensure justice is served.”

“He made it seem like I was his favorite it almost felt like he was grooming me now that I look back at it,” said the first former resident.

After leaving boys town one of the women alleges, she received text messages from the number belonging to the family teacher before he was fired. The text reads, “I called you to come over tonight, could you come?.”

“When he sent that come or come text, I knew immediately that is what he was trying to do, he was being way inappropriate.”

The texts and testimony of inappropriate behavior have been presented to private attorney Jim Schaefer. “He’s grooming this young lady to further his interest in having some type of sexual relationship with her,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer is investigating if the women have a civil case. But they say it’s a crime when a house parent family teacher who was supposed to prepare them for life inappropriately touched their lives. “Sexual assault isn’t just being touched by someone. It’s the nightmares, it’s the feeling like you could have done something different.”

6 News isn't naming the former boys town family teacher because no charges have been filed against him.

Omaha city prosecutor Matt Kuhse says he reviewed reports from Boys Town Police. Kuhse says, “There was not enough evidence presented for an arrest. If more evidence is discovered that decision can be reviewed.”

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