Multiple utilities report uptick in scam reports

A number of Nebraska utilities say they're seeing an uptick in scam reports ahead of the holidays.

Nebraska Public Power District and Metropolitan Utilities District say customers have reported scam activity with people claiming to be with the utility companies in person and over the phone.

NPPD says scammers have targeted residents living in the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Grand Island areas. The power district says the scammers have been calling residents, posing as Nebraska Public Power District, and threatening to shut their power off if they don’t make a payment immediately.

NPPD says no one has paid the scammers. They say one person did report the scammer wanted them to logon to their online bank account, and the scammer offered to assist them with this, but the person did not give the scammer any money. Nebraska Public Power District does not serve any customers in the Omaha or Council Bluffs area, and do not deliver power to residents in Grand Island.

In the case of M.U.D., customers are reporting in-person and phone scams. M.U.D. urges customers to be vigilant and reminds them that all M.U.D. employees are required to carry photo I.D. cards and most wear a uniform. The utility says if someone comes to your door claiming to be with the gas or water company, do the following:

  • Ask to see their M.U.D. photo I.D.
  • If you have questions or want to confirm the purpose of a worker at your door, call Customer Service. During regular business hours call 402.554.6666 and after hours call 402.554.7777.
  • If the person is unable to produce valid I.D. or if you feel threatened, do not let the person in and call the police or 911.

M.U.D. reminds customers that they do not collect money from customers at their homes or businesses.

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