Bond set for grocery store stabbing suspect

Bond is set at $250,000 for a man accused of stabbing two people outside of a North Omaha grocery store.

On Thursday, Gregory Netterville appeared in court on two charges of 2nd-degree assault and two counts of use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. Prosecutors say Netterville stabbed the couple outside of the Baker's Supermarket near 30th and Weber Tuesday night.

According to court documents, Netterville admitted to stabbing the two people but said it was in self-defense due to the couple nearly striking him with their car prior to entering the grocery store.

Surveillance video confirmed Netterville as the aggressor, according to documents.

Bobby and Samara Lott told 6 News that they were driving to Baker's to pick up dinner for their family when they got into the altercation with Netterville.

The couple said the incident started about 6 p.m., when they were trying to make a left turn at the intersection of 30th & Martin. "It did show he had the right away, but at the same time I had a green light,” Samara told 6 News.

Samara said it was dark, Netterville had on all black and was distracted on his phone when walked into the intersection. She said they immediately stopped their vehicle several feet away from him, but Netterville reportedly started to argue with them in the middle of the street before finally walking off. “I didn’t see him. I would’ve never turned had I saw him."

The couple said they believe Netterville followed them and ran from that intersection to the store up the street because as Samara walked inside to get a shopping cart, he popped up and shoved her.

Separated from his wife for a moment as he went to find a riding cart to accommodate his leg injury, Bobby said he could hear yelling and commotion. Moments later, he saw Netterville bothering her and rushed to her defense. ”I pushed him to the ground,” he said. “I told him keep his hands off my wife. Don’t touch my wife!”

Before he knew it, he said he felt a sharp poke but had no idea he’d been stabbed. The entire situation happened in a matter of seconds, he said. “I looked down and lifted my jacket up, and blood was squirting out,” Bobby said.

Bobby said he reached for his wife, as she was frantically reaching for their two daughters. “He runs over to me and stabs me in my arm. I fell,” she said. “Bobby was bleeding like crazy. Our daughters are screaming. (Netterville) turned to charge at our 12-year-old.”

In a split second, a shopper pulled out a gun and yelled for everyone to get on the ground while pointing his weapon at Netterville. The Lotts said the man screamed for Netterville to stay down and was able to contain the situation until Omaha Police arrived.

Video captured and shared by Shay Moss, who was just feet away from the incident, shows Netterville charging into the store with a knife in his hand. The camera quickly pans over and shows several people fall to the ground screaming as the man with the gun is shown giving his commands. “He saved our life. He saved my kids’ life. He saved my wife’s life,” Bobby said.

The couple said they wished they could thank the man in person for his heroic actions, sharing endless gratitude.

(Photo by 6 News)

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