Volkswagen Recalls 200,000 Jettas To Fix Fuel Leaks That Can Spark Fires


Volkswagen is recalling more than 218,000 Jetta sedans from the model years 2016-2018. The car company said that fuel rail bolts may loosen over time, allowing fuel to leak, which could spark a fire. Volkswagen said that drivers may notice the smell of gasoline while driving or see fuel leaking from the engine.

Volkswagen said it is currently developing a fix for the problem and expects the recall to begin in late December. The carmaker started an investigation after receiving a single complaint about the issue but did not say if they have received any reports of fires or injuries stemming from the problem.

The recall affects Jettas with 1.4-liter engines that were built from June 18, 2015, to Dec. 9, 2017. Drivers can find out if their car is under recall by entering the VIN number at

Volkswagen said that it will fix the issue at no cost to the owner.

Photo: Getty Images

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