Lincoln Police officer assaulted twice in two hours in separate incidents

(Lincoln Police Department)

(Lincoln Police Department)

A Lincoln Police officer was assaulted twice, in two hours, by two different people.

In the first incident, Lincoln Police say just after 8:00 Thursday morning, officers were called out for a report of an assault in process. Investigators say when officers arrived they made contact with a 60 year old male victim, a 64 year old male victim, a 2 year old boy victim and a 30 year old woman, identified as Jessica Hofmann.

Police say the victims told officers that they woke up to the sounds of Hofmann breaking household objects and ransacking rooms. According to the victims, Hofmann whipped the 60 year old man with an electric cord, punched him in the head and shoved the 64 year old man backwards, knocking him down. Police say Hofmann’s two year old was present as she destroyed the house and assaulted the two men. 

LPD says as officers took Hofmann into custody and were escorting her to the police vehicle, she kicked one of officers in the legs, causing pain and discomfort, and then spit in the officer’s face. Officers cited Hofmann for Assault on a Police Officer, 2 counts of Assault, Child Abuse and Resisting Arrest. 

The second incident was about two hour later, just before 10:15 Thursday morning. LPD says officers, including the officer assaulted during the previous incident, responded to a report of a person walking in traffic near North 48th Street and Adams Street, causing a major traffic block. Officers made contact with the person, identified at 24 year old Gabriel Golightly, who had a knife in his hand and demanded that officers shoot him. 

Investigators say officers spoke with Golightly for several minutes, de-escalating the situation, but based on Golightly’s behavior and refusal to obey commands, they placed Golightly in custody. LPD says as officers walked Golightly to the police cruiser, he suddenly became combative. Police say Golightly kicked the police cruiser and spit in the face of the same officer who’d been assaulted a couple of hours prior to the incident. Officers cited Golightly for Assault on a Police Officer with Bodily Fluids.