Cannabis Testing Lab First ISO-Certified Lab In Nebraska

Cannabis Testing Laboratories has become the first cannabis testing lab in the state of Nebraska.

CTL has received what's known as ISO-certification, which the Nebraska Department of Agriculture requires for cannabis labs to operate in the state.

CTL is renting space from Doane University on its Crete campus the house it's primary laboratory. Dr. Andrea Holmes, Director of Cannabis studies and a chemistry professor at the university, is the founder of the laboratory.

“Being the first ISO-accredited and state-approved cannabis testing laboratory in Nebraska will allow farmers, processors, vendors, and even consumers of CBD and hemp products to have local access to high-quality and reliable testing”, Dr. Holmes says.

“For farmers, continuous testing is of utmost importance so they don’t grow hemp over 0.3% total THC levels, at which point hemp is categorized as marijuana, which is currently illegal in Nebraska. Consumers of CBD products will also benefit from private testing as oftentimes CBD-infused products don’t actually contain what the label says.”

The lab will serve as a resource to the university but operate separately, according to Holmes.The goal is to teach students about that rapidly growing industry.

(Photo: courtesy Cannabis Testing Laboratories)

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