Omaha Man Finds Military Shell While Landscaping

An Omaha man doing some landscaping work at his home near 96th and Pacific Streets on Friday found something you don't normally see.

Roland Treu tells 6 News he found a mortar round in his backyard. "I gotta be careful next time I dig."

At first, he thought it was a pipe, so Treu called OPPD to his home. When they realized it was something more, they called Omaha Police to determine whether it was dangerous. The OPD bomb squad then called the Air Force.

A closer examination determined the old munition was likely not dangerous. "They X-rayed it and diagnosed it," Treu told 6 News. "They think it's a dummy shell for the Navy."

Omaha Police called in a Navy drill round. Treu didn't get to keep it, however. The military took it away to dispose of it properly.

(Photo: Omaha Police)

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