Principal Attacked By Student At Lancaster County High School

FIRTH, Nebraska - A 17 year old student at Norris High School in Lancaster County is charged with third-degree assault.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office says the student was driving recklessly in the parking lot of the high school this morning. The principal tried to stop him but officials say the teen got out of his car, knocked the principal down and punched him.

KFAB Radio News was notified that two emails involving violence were sent from Norris High School Wednesday. This is second email sent to parents:

Norris Parents,

I wanted to email and let you know that there was another unsubstantiated rumor of a threat to the high school today that surfaced. Our School Resource Officer and high school administration followed procedures to investigate and determined the threat had no validity. We did hold students in class at the high school level for a short period of time as a precautionary measure. This all recently happened and we wanted to send out a communication to you as soon as possible. We have taken steps today to reinforce our school safety plan and have had additional law enforcement on campus throughout the day. The Norris campus is safe.

We are very sorry that situations such as this create anxiety for students, staff, and families. These types of rumors are always taken seriously and even when they do not have validity still create anxiety. Please know that the safety and security of our students and staff is our greatest priority.

Thank you,

John Schwartz

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