Minor Roadblock On Bill Banning Vaping

LINCOLN, Nebraska - Nebraska lawmakers agree that vaping should be incorporated into the state's clean indoor air act. LB 840 would ban the use of e-cigarettes in places where tobacco is already banned.

6 News reports state senators are struggling with the language of the bill when it comes to the word vapor. The way it is written it would ban all electronic devices that emit a vapor for human consumption.

Senator Andrew Lagrone says that could include asthma inhalers and humidifiers. The definition could include products like Febreze.

Senator Julie Slama says the gray area even includes hairspray. it isn't intended for inhalation but is for human consumption on hair.

Senator Justin Wayne makes another point. He believes that e-cigarette use should be allowed in vape shops similar to the cigar bar law.

Lawmakers plan to address the bill's language on Thursday.

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